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At Design that fits we like to provide you with a tailored solution, the majority of projects are more than "just a website" and involve a blend of services that work together to create a truly remarkable solution, with excellent, quantifiable results.

Solutions, not Services

At Design that fits, we offer a range of services, everything from website design, to complex web application development. We don't however like to brand ourselves as a service provider. Our aim is to provide you with a solution, or blend of solutions that delivers the quantifiable results you need.

Some of the web design and build related services we can provide as part of your solution are outlined for you here:

The important bits!

We don't pretend that you know all of the terms and jargon, but these are some of the important things we always encorporate into your web design / development projects.

A website's design / structure should be based around usability, the ability for your visitors to use a website quickly with the minimum amount of effort. This goes hand in hand with Accessibility - referring for the most part to the build process. It's primary intention is to aid those with disability and there has since 1999 been a legal requirement in the UK that websites make reasonable adjustments to ensure they accommodate all users, regardless of ability.

Aside from the obvious legal reasons, Usability and Accessibility just make plain sense. By making your site as user friendly and accessible as possible, you open it up to the widest possible market penetration, which can only ever be a good thing.

Putting a price on value

Ultimately 99% of projects we write proposals for come down to one thing... price.

Different clients have different budgets, and we as a business are keen to be as affordable, and competitive as possible. The web design and development / marketing sector is full of £99 website deals which realistically won't deliver any quantifiable results. The important question to ask yourself is, Do I want this project to be successful over the longer term, or do I want to save myself some money in the short term and not worry about whether a project can actually deliver?

As a business, we are more than happy to try to accommodate your budget, but we draw the line at sacrificing the quality of the solutions that are important to your project's success.

Our clients mean much more to us than the quick buck, our business is built upon providing high quality, honest solutions.

The proof is in the pudding

Here are some of our recent successes.

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